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100 Beauty Tips!

Nothing looks fresher than a clear complexion. If your skin is getting a bit dull, check out these quick fixes.

1. Go for the glow the natural way. Smooth mashed strawberries or raspberries all over your face and rinse off immediately for that postfacial radiance.

2. Fight puffiness with herbal tea. Steep chamomile tea bags in a small amount of water, then chill. Use as compresses to temporarily diminish skin irritation.

3. Wash with lukewarm water. Heat can aggravate sensitive facial skin, resulting in broken capillaries or redness.

Too many products!

Too many products!

4. Skip soap. Most contain alkalines that are potentially irritating. Use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil instead.

5. Don’t scrub! Vigorous rubbing can leave skin feeling coarse and looking worn. Instead, wipe gently with a soft washcloth. And use exfoliating cleansers sparingly (no more than twice a week).

6. Stash moisturizer and toner in the fridge. The coolness helps skin look firmer–and feels good too.

7. Prime yourself. For a refreshing twist, before applying foundation, massage a drop of essential oil of rose or angelica (available at health-food stores) on your face instead of your regular moisturizer. It gives skin a dewy glow.

8. Apply moisturizer before blow-drying your hair. This will prevent the hot air from drying out your epidermis (the top layer of skin) and accentuating fine lines.

9. Vary your routine. Have you noticed how your face looks terrific for the first few months after switching to a new cream? Then your skin gets used to the product and the results seem less dramatic. Try a different cleanser, toner, and moisturizer every six months or so-when you run out of your current brand.

10. Pamper skin with a homespun facial. Combine one-half cup of sliced cucumbers with one-half teaspoon of honey in the blender. Apply all over your face; leave on for 30 minutes; then rinse with lukewarm water.

11. Cover your bases, use concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation. Any paler and you’ll get reverse raccoon eyes. Prep the delicate eye zone with moisturizer or eye cream.

12. Hide fine lines. Gently apply a creamy concealer (like Prescriptives Camouflage Cream) with a small, synthetic-bristled brush. Then lightly dust loose powder over the area.

13. Get the red out. Skin will look smoother if you erase any ruddiness. The easiest way is to use a yellow-based concealer pencil (sold in beauty-supply stores). After applying foundation, lightly dab pencil tip on red areas (cheeks, nose, forehead), then blend the color in with a dry makeup sponge. A wet one will cause streaking.

14. Mix foundation with moisturizer for a sheer finish. Blend together a bit of each on the back of your hand and use a makeup sponge for smooth application.

15. Switch to a replenishing formula. Water-based foundations don’t hydrate dry skin sufficiently and can highlight tiny lines. Use a moisturizing foundation with dimethicone for a dewy finish.

16. Powder lightly. Don’t pack on more in an attempt to hide your flaws. Too much will only settle into crinkles and make skin look dry and chalky.

Smart ways to buy more time

It’s not like we’re 18 anymore, when looking good was as effortless as slicking on a bit of lip gloss. You hit 30, and you need a little help from your friends-pals that come in packages, that is. Sometimes, even switching to a product with a young name can improve your outlook, put a sparkle in your eyes, make laugh lines less bothersome. Of the hundreds of brands that cross our desks, here are the youth potions and products we like:

17. Cover Girl Soft Radiants Eye Pencil in Soft Sun Kissed Smudge this butter-yellow color, below, under your lower lashes. It will counteract the blue tones in dark circles and make the whole eye area look brighter; $2.65.

18. Clinique Happy Hydrating Mist Just the name is enough to brighten your mood; the invigorating citrusy spray is laced with glycerin to keep skin soft. Spritz on after a shower or bath; 6.7-ounce pump, $30.

19. Frederic Fekkai Baby Blonde Shampoo It’s made with chamomile extract to bring out golden highlights in natural or color-treated blondes; 8 ounces, $18.50.

20. BaByliss professional straightening iron Sleek, straight hair makes anyone look younger-and using this simple tool is easier than wielding a blow-dryer for 15 minutes; $39.99.

21. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum The frizzles can add years to your look. Apply this liquid to soaking-wet hair and style as usual for a glossy effect; 1.69 ounces, $9.99.

22. Max Factor Shimmer Pan-Stik Glide this pale, ethereal highlighter on face and body to play up cheeks, decolletage, whatever; $7.75.

23. Bodyshine Bodybrushing Kit If you really want a bottom as touchable as a newborn’s, try this, right. The big goody bag contains 3 wood-handled exfoliating brushes (with varied shapes and bristles), 4 ounces each of Botanical Body Wash and Pure Plant Body Oil (made from avocado and primrose), a special buffing towel, and a book that tells how to do it all; $60 (call 800-749-0029 to order).

24. Revlon Age Defying Makeup and Concealer The compact holds coordinating shades of cover-up and foundation with SPF 20 to prevent sun damage. And it won’t cake in fine lines; $13.95.

25. Vincent Longo New York Odalisque Fake a tan. Earthy colors will instantly make you look like you’ve spent time in the tropics. This powder pot, above, contains a matte shade for day and a special shimmery one for night; $18.

26. Estee Lauder Futurist Full Treatment Lipstick Vitamins A, C, and E, and whey protein are blended into the formula, right. Choose Hot Fudge (if you have tawny skin) or Blazing Berry (if you’re pale); $16.

27. Biotherm Eau Vitaminee Refreshing Fragrance Milk Fortified with vitamins A, C, and E, this “citrus cocktail” (with essences of orange and grapefruit) smells fresh and clean; 8.3 fluid ounces, $24 (call 888-246-8437 to order).

28. Origins As Good As It Gets A timesaving powder with many lives: You can apply it with a powder brush for a matte finish, combine it with eye cream to use as concealer, or blend it with moisturizer to create a foundation; $20.

29. Visine This staple for stars and models comes in handy on mornings when eyes are bloodshot; $3.79. (If you wear contacts, take them out before using and wait an hour before popping them back in.)

30. Oil of Olay All Day Moisture Foundation This new liquid formula hydrates dry, cracked skin for 10 hours. The GH Institute tested it against 5 other so-called moisturizing foundations and found Olay’s to be the most effective; 1.1 ounces, $11.25.

31. Biore Fine Line Gel Patches These white undereye stick-ons deliver a continuous dose of Nutraceramide, a patented skin-repair ingredient. Leave on overnight 3 times a week (if you don’t mind looking like a goofy football player in bed), or try for as little as 30 minutes; 6 pairs, $12.49.

32. Awake Baby Pink nail polish The innocent cotton-candy shade, right, will recapture your girlhood summers; $12.

33. Lancome Touche Optim’Age Line Blurring Concentrate Apply before anything else to help soften the appearance of lines; .52 ounce, $22.50.

34. Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup This new foundation contains pro-retinol and vitamins A, C, and E. We like it because the colors look natural; 1.1 ounces, $11.75.

35. Philosophy Lipstick Uncanny but true: Vision-a wine-colored shade, left–gives lips a rosiness that only nature can replicate; $14 (call 888-263-9243 to order). Another good color pick: Maybelline Hydra Time Moisturizing Lipcolor in Sexy; $6.75.

36. N.V. Perricone M.D. Cosmeceuticals Concentrated Restorative Cream It may cost as much as a fancy French dinner, but it’s an about-face for your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated; 1.86 ounces, $75 (call 800-723-2889 to order).

37. BeneFit Eye Lift … for the bags, baby. Use this whipped gel to pamper the delicate eye area with algae extracts, vitamins A and E, and glycerin; I ounce, $25 (call 800-781-2336 to order).

38. Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste This minty mouthful helps protect tooth enamel and gums, while brightening your whites; 4.5 ounces, $5.99.

39. A rubber ducky Float one in your bath bubbles and feel the years fade away.

Makeup miracles

Many women believe that caking it on will help hide the years. It won’t. Here’s what will.

40. Play up your best feature instead of trying to downplay your worst one. If you’ve got great cheekbones or full lips, flaunt them with a new blush shade or a sheer lipstick.

41. Think pink, says makeup maven Bobbi Brown. “Pink adds instant prettiness at any age. Choose a soft rose blush, and apply on the apples of the cheeks for a natural flush.”

42. Start to lip sync. As we age, our lips tend to get thinner. Create a fuller-looking mouth by outlining lips with a pencil in a natural tone. Then fill in with lipstick that’s one shade darker.

43. Pick muted eye shadows. Try peach, beige, brown, or lavender in a matte finish (frosted or metallic colors accentuate crepey eyelids). And stick to powders; cream formulas collect in the folds of your eyelids.

44. Apply mascara only to upper lashes. If it’s not on lower ones, it’s far less likely to run down, smudge, and accentuate fine lines you’d rather forget about.

45. Keep lip color sheer and natural. An intense shade or excessive amount will make you look like you’re trying too hard. Use just a little kissable color or shine to accent lips. A classic (and cheap!) gloss: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

46. Outsmart the camera. “If someone is photographing you,” says actress Cybill Shepherd, “dab brightening cream [she swears by Ultima II Brighten Up, Tighten Up] under your eyes, avoid `monster lighting’ from directly above or below (especially below) your face, and keep that chin up.”

47. Get the blues. To make your smile brighter, opt for lipsticks with blue undertones. Yellow- and orange-based colors bring out the yellowness in teeth. For a soft pucker, celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin first applies a dab of petroleum jelly to dry, flaky lips, then lightly buffs them with a baby toothbrush.

48. Go for an eyebrow wax. It’s like a mini face-lift, but a lot faster. It opens up your eyes and takes a couple of birthdays off your face.

49. Take care of your pearly whites. Have a glass or two of water after drinking liquids like red wine, cola, and coffee that can darken tooth enamel. If there’s no water around, chew sugarless gum. “It has the same effect,” says Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S., of New York City.

50. Help for thinning brows: Fill them in with brow powder or eye shadow using a slant-tip brush.

51. Schedule regular manicures. Keep nails on the short side, because very long or unkempt nails draw more attention to older hands. And stay away from bright red, orange, and fuchsia polish. Mauve, beige, and pink with blue undertones complement all skin tones.

52. Doctor your foundation so it does more. Mix a dab with a shimmery highlighting product like Clinique Zero Base before applying. It will soften the color and give your skin an unbelievable boost.

53. Apply your makeup in the right light. Reduce glare by aiming lights away from mirrors and avoiding clear bulbs. Intense light causes your pupils to close, making it even harder to see. Opt for 25- or 40-watt frosted (soft white) bulbs instead. And, because overhead lighting can cause unflattering shadows, light both sides of the mirror so that your face will be evenly lit.

54. No time for makeup tricks? Wear pastel clothing (pink, blue, celery, and lavender) to brighten your complexion. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to avoid pale yellow and gray, which can make some women look sallow.

Body beautiful

Pamper your birthday suit with tips from top skin-care experts, fitness pros, and a screen legend.

55. Fade out dark spots. Hands are one of the first places a woman’s age shows, so keep yours youthful and pretty. If you have age spots, which are usually caused by the sun, dermatologists suggest trying a gentle bleaching cream like Esoterica to lighten them.

56. Defy gravity with a push-up bra. Just make sure you feel comfortable in it. Our new favorite: The Miracle Bra from Victoria’s Secret has the right amount of uplift without looking trashy.

57. Bag the sag and build bone density. Stretching, lifting light weights, and walking will build muscle and strengthen bones.

58. Make exercise a habit. No matter what your age, you can increase your strength, boost your aerobic fitness, and improve circulation-which will also make your skin look energized. Try to work out for 25 to 30 minutes, at least three or four times a week. It may seem like drudgery at first, but after six weeks, exercise will become part of your routine.

59. Walk tall–just like your mom always said. Hold your shoulder blades together. Good posture will push your chest out and automatically make you stand a couple of inches taller–and look ten years younger.

60. Be a softie. About once a week, make a paste from one-third cup of sea salt and one cup of your favorite lotion. Rub on hands, elbows, and heels, then rinse with warm water. This will exfoliate rough skin and keep you smooth and silky.

61. Take vitamins. They can enhance the skin because vitamins C and E are antioxidants that help inhibit the aging process, says Roger Ceilley, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Iowa.

62. Keep feet pretty. When you’re in the shower, brush skin with upward, circular strokes using a vegetable brush (the kind you would use on a potato) and a creamy cleanser. This exfoliates dry skin and stimulates circulation.

63. Treat yourself to a massage. If you can, make time for this in your schedule; it’s the most effective way to look like you just slept nine hours–or came back from a vacation!

64. Create a spa at home. It isn’t always possible to get away to a spa. Solution: Tara Jamu aromatherapy lotions in luscious scents, made on the island of Bali, to smooth on after a relaxing bath and moisturizing facial (available at Away Spa, New York City; 212-407-2970; $28 for three small bottles).

65. Get your legs in shape. Today show fitness consultant Kathy Kaehler says it’s a snap with a deck of playing cards. Place ten cards end to end on the ground in front of you. Squat down in front of the first one. Keeping your chin up and your back straight, pick up the card. Stand up, step forward, then squat down again, and repeat the drill until you’ve picked up all of the cards. It sounds simplistic, but it will strengthen and define your quads and glutes (your butt!). For more ideas, see Kaehler’s book Real-World Fitness (Golden Books, 1999).

66. Do the hand jive. Slather on Vaseline Intensive Care Solutions Young Hands. This rich SPF-15 cream contains alpha-hydroxy acids to keep skin supple ($3.16 for 2.5 fluid ounces).

67. Tackle elbow crinkles. Because elbows have almost no oil glands, you need to add as much moisture as possible. Scrub them when you’re in the tub, and when you’re applying hand cream, do your elbows too.

68. Mangia! Take the advice of one of the most beautiful women of all time: “Don’t go crazy counting calories,” says Sophia Loren, who just came out with a great cookbook–Sophia Loren Recipes & Memories (GT Publishing Corporation, 1998).

Healthy hair forever

Frizzy, dry, limp, or overstyled locks look old but you can take care of the damage in no time flat.

69. Frame your face in gold. When your hair is light brown to blond, sunny highlights painted on strands around your face warm up the skin and instantly subtract a few years.

70. Practice protection. Leave-in conditioners, styling lotions, or mousses with ingredients such as sesame oil and panthenol moisturize hair. Try Rene Furterer Sun Mousse and Pantene Ultra-V Hair Strengthening Complex. Apply before you go in the sun; the heat activates the moisturizing process. They’re great for curly hair.

71. Get a good cut. Overdone, stiff hairstyles will age you, while the right choice can slice at least ten years off your image. If you like hairspray, opt for one like Vidal Sassoon Flexible Hold Hair Spray with Formesilk. It keeps strands in place, but feels smooth to the touch.

72. Gloss over the frizzles. Coarse hair can make you look haggard. Slick on a styling gel or gloss, such as Sebastian Laminates gel, to keep things under control.

73. Invest in a color-enhancing shampoo or conditioner. These easy-to-use products enhance natural color to give it a youthful glow. To keep gray hair shiny, try Silver Brights Shampoo or Artec Colorist Collection Color Depositing Shampoo.

74. Stick close to your natural shade. You may look washed out if you dye hair too dark. Stay within one or two shades of your base color.

75. Pull hair back. For an instant face-lift, wear hair off your face. Twist hair one full turn and secure it with a big clip or barrette in tortoiseshell, matte silver, or gold finish.

76. Let your colorist create an illusion. If hair is thinning (which it does as we get older), try adding lowlights or going slightly darker; either will create an illusion of depth and fullness.

77. Keep bangs light and wispy. A heavy, blunt fringe can emphasize shadows under the eyes and draw attention to crow’s-feet.

Olive Oil: A Best-Kept Secret

78. Hair treatment. “Once a month, I heat up a shot glass (one and a half ounces) of olive oil in a pot of just-boiled water, work it into clean hair, and then wrap my head in plastic wrap and aluminum foil to keep the heat in. Once the oil cools, I rinse it out. It makes my hair shiny and soft!” says Debra Jaliman, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City.

79. Undereye softener. “I dab a few drops of olive oil around my eyes each night. It’s kept the crow’s-feet away for years!” says Consuelo Cali of Cali Cosmetics.

80. Hand smoother. “My Sicilian grandmother had the most beautiful hands. Her secret? She rubbed a few drops of olive oil into them every night when she sat down to watch TV,” says Allison Rao, GH Beauty Assistant.

Doctor’s order

Dermatologists from Connecticut to California recommend these key steps in the fight against aging.

81. Remember that it’s never too late for sunscreen. You can still protect your face, hands, and the rest of your body from damaging rays. Use an SPF of 15 or higher. Reapply often.

82. Check out creams with topical vitamins. Ask your dermatologist about prescription-strength retinoid treatments (a vitamin A derivative) like Retin-A, gentler Retin-A Micro gel, and Renova. Vitamin A encourages cell turnover, improves elasticity, helps even out pigmentation, and can stimulate collagen growth, especially in sun-damaged skin. Over-the-counter creams containing the antioxidant vitamin C are also good; they can neutralize environmental stresses that put wear and tear on the skin.

83. Try an alpha-hydroxy acid lotion. Now available in over-the-counter products-from SPF-fortified daytime moisturizers to soothing night creams–these fruit acids slough off dead, dry skin and reveal a fresher layer.

84. Don’t smoke! You know the health hazards involved, but all that inhaling also causes lipstick “bleed” lines around the mouth and makes your skin look sallow.

85. Don’t trim all the fat. For younger-looking skin, it’s important to eat enough essential fatty acids-available in salmon, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, avocados, and nuts.

86. Cut back on cocktail hour. Alcohol dilates capillaries and causes skin to flush, according to New York City dermatologist Deborah Sarnoff, M.D. And drinking can disrupt your sleep, cutting into the beauty rest you need.

87. Skip foods that irritate your skin. If you’re prone to rosacea, a condition characterized by redness and sometimes pimples on the cheeks, forehead, and nose (more than 13 million Americans are), avoid dietary triggers, including red wine, spicy foods, bananas, and chocolate, suggests dermatologist Kathy Fields, M.D., of San Francisco.

88. Get your calcium. It staves off osteoporosis (think dowager’s hump) and plays a role in keeping teeth healthy and attractive. Women up to age 50 need 1,000 milligrams (mg) of the mineral daily; those over 50 should get 1,200 mg. Fat-free milk, calcium-fortified orange juice, and hard cheeses are all good sources.

89. Limit coffee and doughnuts. Tension makes you look older, so cut down on dietary stressors, such as refined sugar and caffeine, which can cause dramatic ups and downs in your energy level during the day, says internist and nutrition consultant David S. Seres, M.D., at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, in New York City.

90. Pay attention to what your body needs. Your skin reflects your lifestyle. If you don’t get enough rest and eat a healthy diet, it will show up on your skin, says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, M.D., from Yale University.

How celebrities stay young

Sure, the famous get help-from hairstylists, makeup artists, and even cosmetic surgeons.

But it’s amazing to see how many look better now than they did years ago!

Whitney Houston Then: Between the untamed eyebrows, purple eye shadow, and red lipstick that would date even a young woman, the singer didn’t exactly have The Greatest Look of All in 1990. Now: An elegant arch, black eyeliner, berry-stained lips, and a sophisticated bob make her look like a sexy diva, not a busy mom.

Sarah Ferguson Then: Back in 1991, Fergie looked more Queen Mother than young Duchess. Dowdy bangs dragged down her features, and a ruddy complexion made her appear perpetually windburned. Now: With hair blown straight, she’s the picture of regal glamour. And since foundation hides her freckles, all we notice are her baby blues.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Then: The First Lady has always experimented with her hair. She wore it long with a headband; tried bangs; and, in 1993, chose this stiff coif that made her look like a professor. Now: While her cut is still structured, it’s longer, looser, and lighter-all the winning signs of a youthful spirit.

Sally Field Then: Heavy bangs, pasty foundation, and salmon-colored lipstick gave the actress a matronly appearance back in 1982. Now: This 50-something star stays young by keeping up with trends. Short strands frame her face, and minimal makeup in an earthy palette gives her that Gidget glow.

Barbra Streisand Then: The curly poodle cut that Babs wore back in 1984 complemented her Funny Girl attitude, but not her looks. Now: Straight, smooth hair takes years off her face. Downplaying her brows and going with pale, shiny lips has shifted the focus to her blue eyes and great skin.

Joan Lunden Then: In 1990, Joan Lunden worked hard to cultivate the Dynasty image with tons of blush and dangly earrings. Her blond hair was frizzy and over-processed. Now: Lunden’s natural good looks are allowed to shine through. Her shorter cut not only highlights her features, but it’s also easy to care for.

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Aug 06

Why You Should Opt For A Drug Rehab Centre

Drug rehab centers are the best places for any of your addiction patients. This is because addiction centers offer a hospitable environment for healing unlike any other place. Their facilities, programs and even the staff have been created in such a way that they are hospitable regardless on the level of addiction for your patient.

Drug rehab centers also offer character building programs. All of us are aware that the most affected part of a drug addict is his or her character. Many addicts’ character gets affected due the habit of addiction. There are some of them who get into the habit of stealing, crime, or robbery for them to satisfy their need for drugs. If this is done repeatedly, it greatly interferes with their character. Realize also that professional help is vital for your patient. This guarantees you the success of helping your patient get out of an addiction problem.

Last but not the least, the drug rehab centers offer follow up programs for your patient. After their program in the rehab center, one of the professional counselors is put in charge of the patient for sometime just to ensure that he or she overcomes their addiction totally. Lastly, every patient in the rehab center is offered specialized treatment.

Drug Rehab Centers Reviewed

Drug addiction was part of my past. I was tied up in an alcohol addiction from the time I was a teenager. I was already involving myself into crime following the fact that none of my relatives was too willing to offer me some money for upkeep. They knew that every cent I had would absolutely go into satisfying my craving for alcohol.

Different people; friends, relatives and everyone in the society talked about me and the addiction I was tied in. Many of them gave different options to my parents. Some of them gave my parents the option of locking me up in a room for a week. Finally, after a long search for a solution, I found reviews of Rock Solid rehab center, and as a result chose that facility for help.

At first, this idea did not sound real to me. I was admitted when my life was completely shattered. I was at the age of 25. I had heard of stories about drug addiction centers helping people to overcome any kind of drug addiction. Six months in this place completely changed my life. I was helped out of the addiction and all I can say is that drug rehab centers offer a solution to your addiction.

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Oct 13

Going to Get an Order of Super Beta Prostate

osbpSince I am not in high school anymore, I have to look at my health more often. I have been going to fitness classes in order to get back in shape. I have also started to juice the vegetables I bought from the store. Juicing is a good way to get a lot of extra vitamins into one’s food regimen. If my parents would have told be I would be juicing for health reasons when I was older, I would have probably told them that is not happening. I actually had the worst diet during my college years and I still can’t believe that I am eating healthier. One reason I am eating significantly better is because I want my prostate to stay strong.

I was told that if I get an enlarged prostate, I would have to use the bathroom more frequently. This will be annoying if I was at a movie and had to use the bathroom every 15 minutes. I heard of the supplement Super Beta Prostate on the radio, so I searched for Super Beta Prostate reviews on the internet. It seems to be a good product, so I am going to invest in some. I will most likely start off with just a month supply.

A Prostate Supplement – Super Beta Prostate

The prostate is a gland positioned under the bladder. There are many supplements available for a prostate patient. For an example, there is SBP. Super beta prostate is a typical supplement made for patients prostate gland problems. This pill is chock full of amazing minerals that help your health overall, and not just your prostate, either.

Elements like Boron, iodine, vanadium, chromium are also in it whose are very important for prostate heath. Moreover, Germanium works for urinary movement. It’s a great prostate supplement in a product group in which there are few winners.

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Aug 09

Keeping Data Recovery Cheap

Computers can be damaged really easily depending on how they are handled. When a computer comes in contact with a virus, Trojan or another type of malware the effects of it can be extreme. Also if the hard drive of a computer is physically damaged there is a great possibility that the entire system of the computer will be affected. The hard drive of your computer is very important because it holds key information for your computer’s operation. Some effects include loss of information and a slow functioning computer system that makes downloading and uploading information unbelievably slow. This can cause you to lose time and if you own a business lots of money.

backup-flash-drivesThere are a few tools that you need to buy before you even purchase a computer. The first thing is a data recovery solution such as a flash drive. A flash drive will allow you to transfer tons of information from one computer to another very easily. Some flash drives even allow you to store gigabytes of information for a very cheap price. Another tool that is great to use is a external hard drive that can completely back up all your documents, music, photos and videos.

Using Flash Drives To Help

Your computer has a host of different software and hardware features that allow you to connect to the internet and perform functions such as creating word documents, spread sheets and power point presentations. In our world of electronics and technology it is very important that you are up to date on all the best data recovery cheap solutions that are available. Some of these recovery tools include downloading software from the internet that can lead up your hard drive and get rid of old useless files. When you de-fragment you will help your computer get rid of useless files.

There are a whole host of different issues that present themselves if your computer is not taken care of properly. For one your hard drive can become clutter with all types of malware and faulty files. Malware is any software that was designed to interfere with the normal use of computer activity. Viruses, Trojans and spy ware are a few things that will keep your computer running slowly. Tools such as flash drives are very inexpensive and can give you access to a device that can back up tons of information from your computer. With these flash drives you can copy all the information from a malfunctioning hard drive onto a new one.


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Aug 06

How I Stay Healthy At Age 40

Now that I am about to be 40 years old, I have to worry about the condition of my body. I can remember being in my twenties, thinking I would be invincible to health problems. I now know that this is not true. If I eat pizza now, I start to get a heart burn. To combat the health problems, I started a diet and exercise problem. My doctor told me it is the best thing for me to do if I want to prevent health problems. I have a family history of heart attacks, so I am going to do all it takes in order to prevent one. I also heard that men my age start to have problems with there prostate as well. I heard that some men have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night multiple times because their prostate isn’t healthy anymore.

badgutI asked my doctor if there was anything I could do to prevent my prostate from going bad and he told me to try a prostate supplement. I then looked on Bing for Super Beta Prostate Reviews, since it was the one he recommended. It received some pretty stellar reviews, so I went ahead and ordered some. It is supposed to come in the mail soon.

Starting to Take Better Care of My Health

Getting old is a part of life and I am starting to realize that more and more as I get older. I can no longer eat all the pizza I want or eat a cartoon of ice cream in one day. I now have to watch my weight if I want to prevent any serious health problems. One thing that I have started doing to better my health is running. I started running around my town the past month and it feels great. It actually gives me more energy throughout the day. I have also started taking prostate supplements. The ones I take are called Super Beta Prostate. They are suppose to be the best on the market right. At first I never heard of them so I did some research on Super Beta Prostate reviews.

When I did my research, I only found good reviews of the product. I decided that I was going to try them out and I am happy I did. I feel like my prostate is healthier now. I use to have problems with my prostate, but they are fixed now. I am not sure if it is because my diet is better now or if it is from the supplements. It could also be a combination of the two. “

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Mar 17

Sleeping Becoming An Issue – Snoring Is A Problem

Cool was a little different in the 80s.

Cool was a little different in the 80s.

Funny thing about me. I’ve really never had any problems sleeping. I mean, through my teen years, I was practically the poster boy for sleeping in. It was amazing how much sleep I could get. I mean, outside of a few teenage boners, some drama with cigarettes and a deep feeling for girls lacrosse, I really remember very little from my teen life outside of sleeping. Those were some long days, friends. Before the Internet. Back when I spent a ton of time saying, “I’m SOOOO bored” to pretty much anyone who would listen. I spent a lot of time watching Miami Vice, thinking it was the coolest thing ever.

Ok, so I was often wrong about things. It was the 80s, man!

Those Long Nights

So I find myself in a situation in which the longest part of any date is the night. I find that I am waking up inappropriately at all hours of the night and it seems like my brain just cannot stop. Now I am actually doing research and finding out that things like calcium and magnesium actually help you with your insomnia. I also discover the sleeping pill the really the bane of my existence and actually only end up making me very eager to go and quite stupid for quite a good period of time, frankly.

But what I never really understood as somebody who has been a bachelor for a long time is that I actually do have a pretty serious problem: I’m talking about snoring. I realized that this was the issue that was because for all of these that I woke up thinking that I really didn’t get a decent rest, even though the amount of time passed seem to be evidence of the fact that I did get some sleep.

So now I find myself actually doing research on things like snoring mouthpieces and even checking out reviews on something called the SnoreLess pillow. What? Who, me? Well, I have been told that my sleeping place in my bedroom will no longer be reserved if I cannot quiet down. My wife hold the keys, and I certainly don’t really have the power to take them from her. So, I’m actually reading a lot of articles on sleep apnea and snoring and trying to figure out what kind of exercises I can do so that I no longer sound like a 1970 Dodge Challenger with no muffler when I’m sleeping.

The Curious Case Of The Snore

One of the things that strikes me as very strange about snoring is that it is one of those things that you could live alone with for the rest of your life and never really know what was wrong. I mean, there are those people who have serious heart problems and need things like a CPAP machine, but I tend to think that those people are more frequent than anything. Most people just have a relatively small snoring problem and frankly just need something like a pillow in order to quiet them down. I hope that I’m one of those people, because I can tell you that lately sleeping has been difficult enough as it is without knowing that I have a problem here.

If this makes any sense, I am actually sleeping because I am spending too much time thinking about my sleeping problem. It makes me wonder just how many people are thinking the same thing I am. Freaky.

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Feb 03

Big Tech Ain’t Getting Smaller

I think you never recognize from the get-go just how much you’re going to miss blogging until you actually stop. I was one of those people who thought, “no way, man. This stuff is getting tedious. You need a break”, but the fact was that I really didn’t need that break. There are too kinds of people in this world, I guess. Those who are willing to stand up and speak about things, and those who listen.

That’s not to say there isn’t room for hybrids, of course 😉 What I recognized recently was that I am more of a writer than I am a listener. My wife knows this. Plenty of my friends know this. But I am not completely one dimensional, fortunately, which means I can adapt to conditions.

Anyway, that’s my excuse for the layoff.

They say that like athletes that have been away from their sport for a long time, bloggers find it tough to get back to where they were. To that I say – bull-hooey. I don’t know who “they” are, but this “they” tends to be very pessimistic, as far as I’m concerned.

Don't even start me on these losers...

Don’t even start me on these losers…

Big Tech, Big Funk

So technology changes certainly aren’t slowing, are they? I mean, I’m certainly not talking about the letdown with the IPad Mini. I certainly don’t want to jump all over Apple’s back while they’re clearly running out of ideas. I get that they’ll never be the same company without Steve Jobs, but I think their next product is basically make-or-break for them. Make a bigger IPhone or a heavier IPod, though, and watch out below if you’re a stock holder. That stock be a wild one!

Among tech giants, though, Google continues to impress me. These guys continue to have a virtually insurmountable stranglehold on the very structure of the web, and no one, and I mean no one (I’m talking to you, Facebook) is going to have even a hint of changing that. It does suck for Bing and the other terrifying two in the realm, but what do you do?

What people don’t realize is that all of the minor search players were once fifty times as big as the big G. They could have gone in, bought the place and basically either raided it of all of its technology, or turned it into a corporate shill and slowly kill the brand and its quality.

Isn’t that what bigger tech companies tend to do, anyway?

I look at software companies as the absolute killers of any kind of creativity. I mean, look at Adobe. They’ve been selling the same bloated version of Photoshop for like 12 years, and every year they come out with a new “version” that’s basically the same as the last except practically unusable if you’re a newbie. This in turn feeds their whole “education” industry, which obviously adds to the bottom line.

Still, I’m a strong believer in the fact that PC chips are now mega faster than any piece of bloatware you may throw at them. This just means that most software companies, if people really understood what was going on, would just out and out give up and start over. Think of something new. Stop trying to rip off companies with a new product that just involved their interface designers remaking the GUI so that the product becomes difficult for novice users.

Uh-huh. Not gonna happen.

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